BC sun gaiter buff for your face
Buff sun gaiter in color white
BC Sun Gaiter

The BC Sun Gaiter protects your neck, face, ears and entire head from the sun with AC-Tech™ UPF Solar UV Protection.  If you’ve ever worn a traditional Gaiter or Buff, the biggest issue is breathing. Both difficulty in breathing and fogging up your sunglasses when exhaling. We developed a material enhancement that solves these issues as a result of feedback we received and our own experience. The idea is to be more comfortable out in the sun, while staying cool and not get burned. The material is an ultralight, tube sewn seamless microfiber fabric that provides super fast wicking and most importantly breathability. The sweat gets pulled to the surface quickly for evaporation while the material stays silky smooth and cool. You will also be able to speak to your fishing partner clearly without having to pull down the mask. We’re out of the water all day and needed something that was comfortable staying put. Here it is. 

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